About Us

For over 35 years our focus has been on the radiology needs of the Private Practice. Now “Hospital Quality” Digital X-ray Systems (CR/DR) are available to, and affordable for the private practice. In past years, we have sold and installed (upgraded/converted) many digital systems with excellent results. Whether upgrade/ conversions for existing locations or new site installations, we have developed both an economic and applications strategy for these practices and we can do the same for you.


We are the primary dealer for Fuji CR and Del Medical DR Systems in Texas. The majority of our digital upgrades have naturally featured these brands. While these are unquestionably the “thoroughbreds” in Private Practice applications, we offer other quality product lines as well. Consistent with any product offering, there are varying quality and price points. We will help tailor a Digital X-ray System that fits both your practice and budget.


We offer a “true” lease –to- purchase option at very competitive interest rate.


Below I have listed just a handful of reasons and advantages for converting to Digital Imaging:

  • Elimination of wet film processing
  • Expense of film, chemicals, filing envelopes, and I.D. cards is eliminated
  • Expense of processor repair and monthly cleaning is eliminated
  • Recovery of Dark Room space, for use as storage or office space
  • Need for filing cabinets and film storage space is eliminated
  • Elimination of repeat exams means less radiation to the patient
  • No more lost films
  • X-ray exam is completed in less time than wet film processing
  • Customized Anatomical menus
  • Exceptional Image Quality
  • Maximize productivity of your staff
  • Maximize efficiency of your practice/ Increase Profitability
  • Perception of leading edge technology to the patient


The features and benefits of digital imaging result in happier, more satisfied patients and increased productivity within your practice. The future is
Digital X-ray and the future is now! Awaken to the reality.

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