Chiropractic DXR

ChiropracticDXRThe Chiropractic DXR System delivers a patented, single CCD direct digital receptor in conjunction with a Synergy 200 High Frequency generator for high quality images within seconds. Images appear on the system’s display allowing for immediate verification and diagnostics. As a stand alone workstation, with the Chiropractic mini-PACS, or integrated with an existing PACS – the flexible Chiropractic DXR System is ideal for any office or clinic.

• Patented single CCD digital receptor captures highest resolution images available
• 16,384 shades of gray
• Industries largest imaging area – 17” x 17”
• User-Friendly software
• Synergy 200 maximizes radiographic efficiency
• Limited 5 year parts warranty on the system
• One year warranty on digital receptor, computer, monitor and software

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