Scan X Fit

ScanX_Fit_HealthcareA portable and compact system with a small footprint. Can be conveniently wall-mounted for even greater space savings. High resolution, finely detailed digital images help you to see even the smallest details. Customizable settings enable optimum image quality for your specific application. Accepts any brand of phosphor storage plates in standard sizes up to 14” x 17”. Easy to setup, operate and train staff. Get up and running quickly. Patented, built-in eraser with manual or auto erase function. Plates are immediately ready for reuse. Operates in normal room lighting; your darkroom is eliminated. Economical and environmentally friendly. Operates with the imaging software you choose. Cushioned, lightweight extruded aluminum frame resists dents. Rubberized feet add stability. Built-in rechargeable battery option and AC power port. Useful features for remote or mobile clinics.

Features & Benefits

• Operates in normal room light
• View multiple images on one plate
• 35 second acquire time
• Save time with In-Line Erase
• Enhance images to maximize diagnostic information
• Digital file storage and archiving
• Magnify, invert and sharpen images

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