ultima-pacs-liteThe Ultima PACS Lite System is ideal for Clinics or Imaging Centers with medium imaging volume, multiple locations, and as many as five (5) concurrent users.  Key benefits of the Ultima PACS Lite include:


  • Completely Plug & Play system package with over 1TB of available data storage
  • Fully web-based User Interface with five (5) concurrent user licenses
  • Window width/window level, Image magnification, zoom, and panning
  • Advanced Measurement tools, markers, and annotations
  • Cine image playback
  • Customizable hanging protocols with multi-monitor support
  • CD/DVD burning, image printing and document scanning from any workstation
  • Individual user profiles with preference customization
  • User Role-based access and audit-trail for HIPAA compliance
  • Automated image distribution
  • DICOM Query and Retrieve

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