InnoVet Select HF

InnoVet_Classic-10Finally powerful high frequency technology comes to Veterinary Medicine. The original InnoVet™, by Summit Industries, revolutionized veterinary radiography by integrating the x-ray generator, table and tubestand into one small, space-saving design. Now, Summit has skillfully integrated a High Frequency generator and created the InnoVet™ Select HF.

The InnoVet™ Select HF produces x-ray images with improved resolution and contrast while affording the operator fast, easy technique selection. Compared to conventional 60 Hertz generators, HF technology produces more x-ray in less time. Exposure time reduction of up to 50% can minimize image blur caused by motion. By producing a more effective kV, HF technology improves penetration power, allowing for lower kV settings. The resulting scatter radiation is minimized, eliminating gray, fogged films. The InnoVet™ Select HF has all the distinctive features and options that made the Select the #1 veterinary x-ray system in the world.

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