SEDECAL with ImaSight 16mp Detector

SEDECALSedecal manufactures the only single-monitor system in digital veterinary x-ray on the market today. The ImaSight 4600 range of digital x-ray sensors employs a hospital-grade CCD to produce excellent quality images in just seconds on a high contrast touch-screen monitor. The high quality, reasonable price and ruggedness of the Sedecal – ImaSight Digital Radiography System is the ideal solution for private veterinary clinics of any size. The Sedecal – ImaSight system is a complete solution and one price includes everything you need:

Benefits of the SINGLE TOUCH Monitor System:

• SINGLE TOUCH Monitor is the only monitor that needs to be in the x-ray room.
• The computer system and High Resolution monitor can be up to 75 ft. away.
• It allows you to stay table side with the animal, improving patient safety and convenience.
• Digital sensor
• High contrast touch-screen monitor
• User interface software
• Branded diagnostic computer to store, view and enhance x-ray images
• Remote 800 support line
• A 5 year product warranty

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